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HTELED (Heal the earth with energy saving LED drivers) has been pursuing continuous advancement based on the spirit of practicalness and aggressiveness since founded in April 2005.

Energy saving, environmental protection and low cost.
Practicalness represents a realistic attitude of HTELED. With this attitude, HTELED recognizes market tendencies and customer needs to develop market-oriented energy saving products and satisfy customers with superior product quality. Internally, staff conscientiously accomplishes tasks follow the procedures. Each employee may merely complete a small part of tasks; however, every effort made will eventually achieve synergy.

Also the same spirit drives HTELED to continually develop energy saving LED lighting products that determines world’s highest standard and keeps the leading place in many international markets. On April 2009, HTELED announced 1-3X1 watt driver to set the world’s highest efficiency. On September 2009, HTELED unveiled a 1X3 watt, 4-5x1watt, 6-10x1 watt drivers for bulbs, ceiling light with high efficiency .

HTELED has always emphasized on its research and development abilities since March 2007 a 13 watt high power LED bulb was announced. It was also the beginning that HTELED started to rapidly and constantly reveal new products. In 3 years, HTELED presented a series of LED drivers to market ,including 4 watt/6 watt/7 watt/7.5 watt/9 watt/10 watt/12 watt/10-18 watt, not only to replace power-consumed incandescent bulb from 1 watt to 60 watt but also the solution to solve the mercury pollution problem of CFLs. Besides, HTELED provides a wide range of commercial LED lighting drivers as well ,including dimmable , high power fan type LED bulb, T8 LED tube, PAR lamp, track light, down light, factory lamp and spotlight. HTELED also has LED lighting products for public areas such as LED street lamp and solar-LED street lamp.

Once energy saving lighting product becomes common, HTELED will upgrade as an integrated energy saving solution provider. Connect renewable energy, LED energy saving product bring the energy saving benefits of LED lighting products into full play.

HTELED regards reducing energy consumption and environmental protection as its missions. Except devoting itself to create green lighting products, in the near future HTELED would like to play a role to help ensure environmental sustainability to fulfill corporate social responsibility. HTELED hopes to guide public to put energy saving and carbon reduction into action in daily life through LED lighting products and influence people to cherish diminishing resources on earth. HTELED asks for people to save a safe, low polluted and low energy consumption living environment for the world and the coming generation. Hoping everyone of HTELED can participate in this action and gradually expand influence to family, friends, society and the whole world.



We recommend the use of the high efficiency and high pf value drivers.

High efficiency leads to more energy saving and high pf cause less pollution to the power grid.

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